HD Tubes - 100% Natural Rubber

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MOTOZ Heavy Duty Tubes are made from high quality Natural Rubber (made from number 1 grade natural smoked rubber sheet – the raw material stretches like a condom).  We don’t cheat when we make tubes – our tubes are maximum volume so they’re under the least amount of stress (not stretched when inflated).   They have a 3mm single wall thickness so they’re not too heavy (less unsprung weight).

Others cheat by making their tubes under volume (EG only 60-65% the size of the air cavity inside the tyre) so their tubes have to stretch when inflated to fill 100% of the tyre cavity space – they’re under stress so they puncture/burst easier.  Beware sellers saying “ours are thicker” – if they’re made of butyl rubber (you can tell by the horrible burnt smell) they have to be thicker because the rubber is inferior quality. They might start out thick, but they become thinner when inflated/stretched (to fill the tyre air cavity), and tend to split and burst.  Ask yourself, do you really want a heavier tube that punctures quicker and bursts easier? (maybe someday there will be a law against it).