OptiMate 4 Battery Maintainer

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  • OptiMate 4 Dual program Battery Saving Charger-Tester-Maintainer with 9 step program that includes battery test at connection and after charging, 05 Volt low voltage start, advanced desulfation modes, cell balancing and OptiMate maintenance program
  • Weatherproof Polycarbonate enclosure with integrated wall mounts, SPT-2W power and output cables rated down to minus 40 degrees, O1 weatherproof fused battery cable and O4 battery clip accessories with OptiMate SAE connector
  • PROVEN Save neglected / sulfated motorcycle batteries other chargers can't even batteries down to 05 Volts with additional low volt pulse desulfation for batteries still connected to vehicle
  • Dual program Model TM-241 default setting is DIRECT to battery charging with easy program change procedureto automatically charge and maintaine through CAN-bus BMW controlled 12V socket