About us

"Your shop doesn't look like everyone else's."

Yep, we know. It's 2016 and there's no way we can compete with the Revzilla's and ATVMC's of the world. Instead, we're eking out a living selling products that fit a specific niche:

  • They're from the best brand in their category (ex: RAM in Mounting Hardware)
  • We've used that brand's gear
  • Their products are selling for the same price all over the web

If all those hold true, then we dive in. If, for example, the best brand in a category has pricing that's wonky or too cut-throat, we skip that whole category and move on.

That means that we're a goofy little shop that will never be a one-stop answer for anyone, but it also means that we give our full attention to each brand we partner with, and it means that you can trust that you're getting a fair deal. 

If we can't sell it at the same price as the big guys, or if it's not something we love using on our bikes, then we don't carry it. It's that simple and yes, it makes us weird.

"My adventure bike doesn't have a 21" front wheel."

Cool, it probably handles better on paved twisties than our KTMs, KLRs, and DRZs (which all have 21" front wheels). It might even have a fancy blue and white badge on it (most of BMW's GS bikes have 19" front wheels). Here's the deal:

  • An adventure bike is anything that takes you on an adventure.

Traditionally, off-road bikes have 21" front wheels because a 21" wheel rolls over obstacles more easily than a more road-oriented, 19" front wheel (that will turn in more easily on pavement). That's all we're referring to. The big front wheel that'll turn onto a gnarly, rutted-out road and roll over obstacles with ease.

"Who are you?"

I'm one guy, living just outside of Seattle, who left his job as a buyer for Amazon to pursue his dream of selling motorcycle gear and helping out a few cool brands --that Amazon tends to steamroll-- along the way. 

I know how Amazon works and have a good handle on how the other big guys work too. There's a niche for me to fill and I'm doing my best to fill it. In between, I ride my DRZ400, KTM 990, and my old Honda SL350 on as many fire roads as I can. 

Have an idea, request, or complaint to share? Please shoot me a note and I'll email you back, usually within a couple of hours.

Ride far, ride safe, ride often.

--Robbie, Owner and Gear Selector