Mountain Hybrid

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The Motoz Mountain Hybrid: A new concept in off-road tires – combines the DNA of a trials tire and a serious off-road tire, for trials like grip while maintaining the bike’s handling characteristics.

This new design concept works on a flexible tread concave and lock system, to give increased traction while avoiding punctures at low inflation pressures. The Motoz Mountain Hybrid tire climbs like a trials tire, but handles corners, creek crossings, sand, and rocks like a regular DOT off-road tire. Constructed like a trials tire, but with reinforced sidewalls to allow lower inflation pressure when riding in off-road and mountain conditions.

  • 100% Natural rubber
  • Awesome traction in a wide variety of conditions
  • Dimensions of an off road tire to maintain the bike’s handling characteristics
  • Each tread block has deep sypes for extra trials-like grip
  • Great wear life
  • Reversible
  • DOT
  • Available as a 120/100-18 size